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Discussion of Club Projects -

 6 January 2020
 Lions Club Smt. Sucheta Angolkar Hall
 1. Welcome by the President 2. Configuration of minutes of Previous Meeting held on 30th December, 2019 3. Review of Fund Raising Event 4. Updates of on going projects 5. Participation in TRF Schemes 6. Discussion relating to celebration of Vocational Service Month 7. Any other mater with the permission of the Chair 8.. Secretarial Announcements 9. Recognistions and Appreciations 10. National Anthem 11 Adjournment of Meeting
 1 President Jayasimha Welcomed the members 2. The minutes of the Previous meeting held on 30th December were read over and same were confirmed 3. The club made the review of the Fund Raising event of Marathi Drama on 4th January and a Special Lecture on 5th Sunday and expressed satisfaction for the success of the event. President appreciated the event Chairman Ashok Naik for all the good work done by him 4. The discussion relating the celebration of Vocational Month was taken up and it was resolved to identify the suitable persons for the awards. Rtn Govind Misale was appointed as Event Chairman 5. President appealed to the members to register for Distract Conference to be held at Hubli from 10th to 12th January 6. The Club resolved to participate in TRF promotional Schemes by purchasing Fabrics . Few members registered their names 7. Secretary SD Sayagavi made his announcements 8. Appreciation and recognition of members by the President 9. National Anthem 10 Meeting Adjourn